Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice-President, Windows Phone Program Management has made a couple of digs at Apple’s ‘catch-up’ approach to new iOS features. Posted on Twitter are two comments detailing how many of the new features announced by Steve Jobs at yesterdays WWDC2011 keynote were in fact already available in Windows Phone 7.

joe belfiore ios5 twitter response

Its hard to argue, many of the things people have been wishing the iPhone/iOS would do have been available for a long time on other phones, including Windows Phone 7 for some time now. And it’s not atypical for Apple to see where things are successful and bring them on board, often improving them along the way.

WiFi Sync and dedicated camera button have been on WP7 since launch, however the single messaging system is about to be released with Mango, although here the 2 companies have taken slightly different approaches. Apple have pumped up its messaging client to perform various additional functions like WiFi connections, and the ability to send pictures/location/video whereas Microsoft has built extensibility into it’s messaging platform, allowing many platforms to integrate into the single messaging client. So a single chat window with a friend might consist of messages sent via SMS, Live Messenger or ICQ and combine different interactions like audio and maps. This is by far my preferred choice giving me greater flexibility and allowing me to stay with an existing platform that I’ve built up years worth of friends on but still take advantage of the smooth WP7 messaging situation. But then in the world of Steve, there are no other messaging platforms, so I guess that doesn’t matter!