like my case logoLast week we ordered our own ‘Tech on the Go’ customised iPhone4 case from, using our logo as an uploaded image. It arrived a couple of days ago and we have the results below.

The case arrives in a nice sturdy cardboard box, nestled in a plastic tray. When you take the case out, there is a voucher underneath for 10% off your next order, which is a nice touch.

The case is everything we hoped it would be, made of sturdy plastic with a slight give to it. You open the sides slightly and drop your iPhone in, and press down. The sides then ‘click’ closed over the top edges of the iPhone holding it snugly in place.

The image is reproduced very accurately, there is a very slight sign of pixelation, but we’re pretty sure that’s down to the image we used not being of very high pixel density. A good 5mp+ camera image would be better. Overall we’re very pleased and even more so when offered us a code to giveaway to win a completely FREE, custom designed, case of your own! Check out the Giveaway details here.