The windows mango is the upcoming update to the windows phone 7. This new version is called as windows phone 7.5. The latest version is going to change the entire design and operation specifications of the windows phone. There will be major changes in the phone system. The windows mango is going to be launched officially at the mango preview event by Microsoft. The Microsoft CEO announced the ‘more than 500 new features’ in the next version of windows phone. This might be a slip of tong because we have almost seen latest features in the other smart phones.

One of the highlight on the new update of windows phone is integrated Internet Explorer 9.0. The preinstalled IE9 will allow the users to browse to internet in a quick and secure manner. IE is believed to be the Internet’s most secure browser. It will support the HTML 5.0, the latest one in markup. There is the highest popularity of Internet Explorer. The windows phone 7.5 will also include social networking gadgets. It will provide the integration to mostly used social networking players like twitter, facebook and more.

The Windows Phone 7.5 will provide integrity for emails and IMs. The support for facebook messages, MSN chats, SMS and email is made possible with Windows Mango. The most useful feature will be a unified inbox, which will improve on those found on other phones by letting you choose what email accounts are presented together. It is said that Microsoft has paid a lot for just one app: Skype. But there will be a strong integration of windows phone and Skype to provide better VOIP facility and video calling facility.

The windows phone 7.5 will get high attraction of the smart phone users with its advanced features. Still it will be difficult for Microsoft to market such product in highly competitive market of smart phones.