With most of the UK networks imposing data caps and fair-use policies on its subscribers, the Three All-You-Can-Eat data plan is the only truly unlimited plan available. I (still) say is because despite the news that T-Mobile have just announced they will be offering unlimited mobile internet access to customers, it is only for those who sign up to a 24 month price plan of £25.54 or more a month between 1 July and the 30 September.

Unfortunately this is a “summer promotion” hence the end date on the deal, which makes this more of a token gesture at unlimited data rather than an actual shift in policy. Unlimited data is still somewhat of a misnomer with no network able to withstand a large number of users all consuming a large amount of data on a regular basis. Many people in the industry feel that as Three’s customer bases increases they will find it increasingly hard to cope with their unlimited data offering provided to One Plan customers and that they will eventually have to remove this offer. T-Mobile may well be testing the water to see what increased usage they suffer from their sign-up period.

More details will be available from Friday July 1st at www.t-mobile.co.uk/trulyunlimited.

Available to all customers taking a minimum of a £25.54 per month plan, for 24 months, unlimited internet will allow them to make the most out of the smartphone they choose, whether that’s YouTube on an HTC Desire S (£25.54/m, 24 month plan), facebook on a Samsung Galaxy S II (£35.75/m, 24 month plan) or downloading Angry Birds onto an iPhone 4 (£40.85/m, 24 month plan).

Furthermore, it’s not just new customers who can get this great value offer – customers already on those price plans that have internet on the phone included can simply take out a £5.10 booster to get truly unlimited internet. Alternatively, those customers eligible to upgrade onto these plans can do so.

Tim Dowling, Vice President of Propositions, T-Mobile UK, says: “We know that more and more of our customers are using the internet on their phone to make the most out of their smartphone, so that’s why we’ve chosen to give them the opportunity to receive truly unlimited internet for the duration of their plan. So this summer, T-Mobile customers can now have the freedom to surf and email on the go without the need to monitor their usage”.