Techcrunch agrees with us – RIM is done

A post over on MobileCrunch, part of the TechCrunch network, states that RIM is dead and doesn’t have much more than a year to go before it’s  bought or implodes completely.

That’s pretty much the conclusion we came to with our article from Tuesday on hearing the rumours that RIM were pressuring carriers into accepting devices that were not fully tested and approved. RIM have their backs to the wall and are desperately trying to delay the inevitable, and unless something huge happens to their fortunes, or more importantly their products, I cant see that happening.

John Biggs concludes the key factors are:

  • There is no money in “business” phones
  • Their audience has already moved on
  • RIM’s competitors are stronger and faster
  • They blew the tablet race

All of these points are spot on, but I think their main problem began a while back, and no-one spotted it until it was too late.

The Blackberry OS is just awful. Its outdated, confusing, illogical and has been this way since I ever picked (a friends) one up. People want a clean easy to use interface, and they just aren’t getting it from RIM. They have survived in the corporate market on the strength of cheap handsets and a controllable security platform, but Microsoft always offered this, and Apple and Android now have that nailed too.

I’ll give you just one random example of Blackberry OS failure – what is the key purpose of a Blackberry? Corporate email. That’s their bread and butter. Blackberries speak to a BIS or BES server (even that’s confusing), and similar to Microsoft Exchange, and in fact mostly via Microsoft Exchange, keeps your email in check.

When you setup a new Blackberry to sync its email to a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) the default setting for email reconcilication (sync’ing) is to delete on the handset only. You actually have to go into two menu settings deep to set your Blackberry to delete an email from both itself and the mail server – a setting that would seem blindingly obvious to have as the default. If you delete a message on your Blackberry you want it gone, you don’t want to have to go back to Outlook and delete it again. Madness!


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