One of the great stereotypes is that men refuse to ask for directions when lost, but data recently released from iPhone Tube Map App maker mxData may finally disprove this myth.

Of the 631,000 people who downloaded the App in the past year, 408,000 were men compared with only 200,000 women (with the remaining 23,000 unknown). These figures cannot be attributed to Smartphone statistics as the gender divide of people who own a smartphone is fairly equal, with men accounting for 54% of all smartphone users.

So clearly, men are not afraid to ask for directions, perhaps they simply don’t need to as they are already completely prepared!

David James, CEO of mxData, said: “The saying goes that men never ask for directions; however, with the number of map apps out there, men can keep their pride in check and be rest assured that they can get where they want to be without having to stop and ask people.”