More and more rumours are surfacing that the Amazon tablet will launch later this year, probably around October. The tablet designed to improve upon the current Kindle e-reader offerings can’t come too soon as recent news of the Nook Color, Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, has ousted the Kindle as the most popular device for electronic books.

The Nook is closer to a traditional tablet, with the ability to run other Apps and Games on the device, and the key differential being its colour screen. The e-ink functionality of the Kindle is nice, however most people will take a colour screen and reduced battery life over the grey scale reduced power consumption of the e-ink display. We are in a culture of charging our devices on a regular basis now, I charge my iPhone every night by the side of my bed, and with portable and add-on battery accessories cheaply available even the requirement to find a power socket when running low is reduced.

Am Amazon colour tablet (‘Kindle Color’ ?) will most probably come in above the current Kindle to satisfy those who want more from their e-book reader, leaving the current Kindle, probably discounted further for those who solely want the book reading experience. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is working on another version that will be designed in house, but that will not be ready until next year. So this first version is entirely out-sourced in order to speed up availability and reduce costs.