amazon cloud playerWhen Apple announced iCloud, it looked to better Amazons offering in many ways, having to upload your own music rather than having Apple ‘music match’ it, and also the price, while Amazons service is free for 5GB and 20GB when you buy just one album or pay $20, Apple charge $24.99 a year but give you 25’000 songs, regardless of size/quality which is a lot more.

So Amazon has upped their game somewhat, with the announcement of some new features.

Unlimited Space for Music

For a limited time the paid Cloud Storage plan has its 20GB limit removed and the term ‘unlimited’ applied.

Store purchases for Free

Any music bought from the Amazon MP3 store will not count against your allowance (even though its unlimited anyway?!) and will be stored and streamed for free.

Cloud Player for Web on the iPad

Targeted directly at Apple, Amazon has released an iPad-optimized web player for music stored through the Cloud Drive service. This has been unofficially working for a while now, but now its official and optimised to look and work properly. Access via:

Storage for photos and files

Cloud Drive now allows you to store all sorts of files online, not just music. handy for remote file access or just as an online backup.