The Guardian has a ‘senior source’ that claims BBC management are considering imposing a ban on writers, presenters and guests using Twitter. They plan on implementing a change to contracts to forbid them mentioning information that is confidential or sensitive on their personal Twitter accounts.

The BBC already has guidelines in place for the use of Twitter and other social media sites when writing in an official capacity, but on a personal basis they advise individuals to be guided by their agents.

sophie ellis bextorThis however isn’t enough when people leak information that the BBC is not ready to disclose. The most recent example is Sophie Ellis-Bextor who let slip on Twitter that Sting was appearing in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s new BBC comedy Life’s Too Short, but other instances have happened in the past and the BBC seems close to putting preventative measures in place.

The BBC wouldn’t be the first to issue Twitter bans, as recently the New Zealand Rubgy Players were given Twitter WorldCup Ban, and the England football players had the same restriction from the FA during the World Cup last year.