Brits Take 18.6 Million Kilos Of Books On Holiday. Will Be Charged For Excess Allowance

A recent study of 1000 UK adults, conducted by, shows that Brits take around 18.5 million kilos of books with them on holiday each year.

The slightly sensationalised figure stems from the study data showing 1 in 7 of us take at least 5 books away on holiday with us, while 2 in 5 of us up to 3 books each. With excess baggage fees being increased year on year, and the charges making up a large portion of airline revenue, we’re starting to see the benefits of e-book readers instead of traditional, heavy, wood bases alternatives.

Early this year we reported that Amazon was now selling more e-books than regular books, and the benefits of this to holiday makers is clear. Travel with virtually your entire library of books if you wish, and it will take up no more space or weight than travelling with just one.

Alison Guise, MD of, commented:

These gadgets are a much easier, lighter and more convenient way to read your favourite books on holiday. With several excellent deals on the market right now and with summer holidays already upon us, it has never been a better time to treat yourself and join the growing community of e-book fans.

With the Kindle software now available on just about mobile device platform, e-reading has never been easier.



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