A Citrix Online study suggests that employee use of personal communications devices leads to an increase in productivity of around 30%. The study which sampled senior executives and managers in 700 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across France, Germany and the UK ‘examined how consumer-focused communications devices are being adopted in the workplace, as part of the broader move towards more flexible ways of working’.

Businesses often focus on economies of scale when buying IT equipment, and not on what the best products might actually be. In addition more and more workers are mobile or home based now and a combination of simple yet powerful home equipment is important and can allow consumers to be far more productive in short moments available to them like commutes.

Among the survey’s top findings:

  • 33% of businesses have recorded productivity improvements of more than 10%, with 11% confirming gains of over 30%
  • 32% of firms are most concerned over the security implications of allowing application and document downloads (highlighted by 32%) and remote access to the corporate network (29%)
  • Historic concerns over employees being distracted by using their devices for personal purposes during working hours also remain at the top of the corporate agenda (32%)
  • In 45% of firms surveyed, employees already use their own devices for business purposes
  • Only half of UK firms (54%) are aware of all the devices their staff are using for business purposes – yet even this is well ahead of the European average of just 43%
  • 57% have no policy, procedures or IT systems in place to manage the use of personal devices for business purposes.

Senior director, marketing, Andrew Millard, said:

By seizing the opportunities which a ‘work anywhere, with anyone’ approach offers – for example through the adoption of affordable, easy-to-use collaboration tools – the business can drive improvements in customer satisfaction, productivity, and staff satisfaction. Properly monitored and managed therefore, everybody wins.