Days after the release of several key Apps onto the Windows Phone platform (Gowalla, Angry Birds etc.) an official Foursquare App makes its debut. Conspicious by its long absence the Foursquare App will now let you get your ‘mayor’ fix via an official client, although many will still feel some loyalty to the unofficial App thats been available for much longer “4th and Mayor”.

We collaborated with Microsoft to develop the app entirely on our open API v2. The new version really speaks to the distinctive capabilities (and slick design!) of Windows Phone, while maintaining the foursquare features you know and love. Playing around with it, what’s cool is that it feels both familiar and new, with a personalized experience through the lens of Windows Phone 7′s panoramic UI.

The App is nice and responsive, with attention paid to the design and styling both of which are extremely polished. You can grab your copy of the official FourSquare App from the Windows Phone Marketplace.