I really like Google+ so far, it does what it does extremely well, ok there’s nothing particularly new when you look at the fundamentals, but it makes existing concepts like groups and friends so much easier to use and manage. But most people suspected Google would quickly be adding new services to Google+ in order to give something cutting edge, something to draw people to it over ‘other’ social networks.

Slashgear reports that in a section entitled “Content that appears in the stream”, Google details the different ways that content can be displayed and accessed, referencing a previously unannounced “Games Stream” that will post updates from games connected to the service.

Google+ Games will be Google’s integration of games into their service, most likely ones that allow you to compete or play with friends in your Circles. In fact its likely that Google will focus on games that can be played with more than one friend, since Google+ seems quite targeted at groups of friends rather than individual ones. This can be seen by the current inability to post a message to a single friend – only a Circle of friends.

google  bringing games to the stream

The highlighted section has now been removed.