So Google, the search giant has finally released details on the Google+ Project, which they coin as a “project” and not a “social network”, but there is no doubt it will be compared to Facebook. Google+ has a few standout features, such as Circles, Sparks and Hangouts. Google launched Google+ with a hope, to leave networking leaders Facebook behind. Google’s networking site looks and acts whole like facebook’s main platform. Facebook is the king of social networking and already has billion members, but if any company out there can at least make it break a sweat, Google would be it.

Google+ has a feature called Circles, which is a group of your friends. If I want to share something, or “Stream” in Google+ lingo, I can copy and paste a video, link, my location or a photo (easily uploaded from Android, if you’re an Android user).

Another feature is called “Sparks,” which lets users list their interests from the general to the very specific topics, and then share news and information about those topics.

Google+ is also introducing what it calls “Hangouts,” where video chats can go on between multiple Google+ users coming and going as they please. It won’t add any overhead in Google+ because a reliable video network already exists with Skype.

All in all, the social network is promising. Google+ has the potential to be a formidable opponent, especially with infrastructure like Gmail accounts and Android users in place. But Google’s mistaken if it thinks its network will be a Facebook killer.