The saga of the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update for the HTC Desire continues. Still.

First HTC said there wouldn’t be a Gingerbread update for the original Desire, stating lack of available memory as the issue. Then they back-tracked and said there would be an update by removing some ‘key applications’ in order to make the necessary space.

Then they added an update that they have completed the build, and are not testing internally. And now news that the “testing has gone well so we will begin rolling out the update by the end of July!”

I’m all for keeping users updated onthe status of new hardware/software, but this something that should just happen, particularly after angering users in the first place by announcing it wouldn’t happen. This phone is too old for blow-by-blow updates like the interest a new handset would generate – just build it, test it, and roll it out the door.

htc facebook page desire gingerbread update complete in july