Everyone of us has a different side to us, different personalities and different appearances that we only want specific people to see, there is the work Jim, the home Jim, the friends Jim, the family Jim and probably many more Jims. If Jim can have so many different personalities why can’t his new Android phone? Well his android phone can have as many personalities as Jim has with the handy Locale App.

The Locale app for the Android system is an application that allows you to add “moods” to your android phone based on different conditions, like location, date and time. It changes your phone like you would change yourself. Imagine you have a meeting at two, and your boss is one of those dictator types who want everyone to listen to him and only him, but you always forget to turn your cell phone on silent, well just specify the time and the cell phone will go on silent at that time, or you could specify the location of the boss’s room and the cell phone will go silent whenever you are near it. The same situation could be applied to your regular visits to church.

The app allows you to change display settings, wallpapers, ringtones, volume and notifications settings automatically, all you have to do is set it up before hand so you don’t ever have to worry about it later. Very handy indeed, an application that can save you a lot of trouble, the software is not cheap at £7.99 but if you need automatic switching of profiles and location based actions in your life it may be worth it. For profile only switching you can also consider the Llama App which is free.

This was a guest post by Mohsin Yasin.