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New Slim Victorinox USB Flash Drives

 052Victorinox, makers of the 101 use ‘Swiss Army Knives’ have had a USB drive option on their pen-knives for a while now, but it was always on the huge clunky one that no self respecting woodsman would carry around. Unless there was a door that need holding open.

But the new Victorinox Slim collection is different, with quite artful designs and colours and a range of options from a single USB device, to dual USB, to USB with a small selection of tools included. Storage is in the 4GB/8GB territory, but there is a larger 64Gb for people that need a large amount of data/files clipped to their belts.

And for the undercover spy amongst you, the Flashlight /  Laser combination USB device will be the one to aim for…

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