Thanks to Recombu for finding this great deal on an iPhone 3GS – so good its only available until July 31st.

Until July 31st you can get the iPhone 3GS for £25.54 in a package that includes 100 minutes and 100 texts. The phone is free on a 24-months contract long and include a T-Mobile Flexible Booster, with the choice of Unlimited Text, free calls to T-Mobile users or unlimited calls to UK landlines.

The saving on the upfront price is popular with consumers at the moment and T-Mobile is also adding free browsing with its Truly Unlimited Internet package. OK the 3GS is a little old now and lacks the fantastic Retina Display and 5MP camera from the iPhone4, but other than that it has practically all the same features, and will be getting the iOS5 upgrade the same as the 4.

t-mobile iphone 3gs free from 25 pounds per month