Toward the end of last year First Year Foundation Degree (FdA) Cordwainers Accessory Design students from London College of Fashion have been working with Proporta to learn how mobile device accessories are made. Working from initial design stage right through to production the students competed to have their design made into a real life Proporta product, and win £1000.

There were 3 winners, and Proporta will be introducing all three designs into their main catalogue once produced.

The first prize was awarded to Anne Ten Have for her innovative iPad accessories – the first a hooded waistcoat with specially designed case, and the second a stylish handbag that doubles as a stand for media viewing.

Anne Ten Have’s winning design – coming soon to Proporta’s main range. Joint second prizes were awarded to Crystal Fischetti and Sungmin Han. Looking at Crystal’s beautifully designed handbag it’s impossible to tell that it has a custom made pocket for an iPad hidden at the rear, and offers excellent protection to the device against scratches and scrapes. It’s finished with a hand stitched corduroy front and is as pretty as it is useful.

Likewise, Sungmin’s elegant clutch purse style bag offers superb protection with it’s in-built iPad case, and also folds out to double as a viewing stand. The leather exterior offers a touch of timeless class, but inside it’s as cutting edge as it is stylish.