Bored with securing your USB thumb-drive with new fangled passwords and encryption? With a design straight out of the Da Vinci code, a Russian going by the handle “Tarator” has created a USB drive secured by a 5 digit combination lock. He modelled the assembly of the drive in AutoCad and then had each component fabricated from metal.

combination lock assembled

The USB drive is encased in the metal housing, with raised pins that slide up and down a channel protruding up through the housing. Allowing (or preventing) the pin for it’s travel are a series of combination dials with the reverse of one number having the appropriate groove channelled into it.

combination lock components

It doesn’t look like you can change the combination once the dials have been made, but I’m not going to knock the amazing design ingenuity of this product for one small gripe! Keep the password safe!

combination lock autocad design