A report out by IMSResearch says that smartphones sales are set to exceed 420 million devices in 2011, increasing the smartphone share of the total mobile phone market to 28%.

Some manufacturers are better poised than others however. Nokia’s share has fallen 16% from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011 from 40% down to 24%, and RIM has also dropped 5% over the same period, with their recent financial earnings and OS issues likely to worsen this position.

Apple (3%), LG (3%) and HTC (4%) have all made increases in their share, but Samsung is out front with a 10% increase in share thanks to it’s innovative range of Galaxy S and SII handsets and it’s TAB range of Android Tablets.

ims research smartphone market share estimates q1 2011

Josh Builta, analyst in IMS’ Mobile Technologies Group said:

Clearly one of the key dynamics of the mobile handset competitive environment in recent years has been the inability of many traditional market leaders to recognize and adjust to the growing smartphone tier. The reasons for these failures vary and include everything from poorly designed and manufactured devices, unsatisfactory user interfaces, and portfolios that don’t offer products with a differentiating feature. These lapses have created opportunities for newer entrants to the market, which they have aggressively pursued.