The Sony Android S1 and S2 Honeycomb tablets were unveiled back in April, in Tokyo, and as usual brought Sony’s innovative design ethos to the fore, particularly with the S2 tablet which has dual 5.5” screens. At a recent German event the S1 and S2 were available and the site got to have some hands on time with them.

The S1 appeared comfortable to hold and light at 1.3lbs even with its unusual ‘off centre’ balance designed to make holding it in one hand easier.

However it’s the S2 tablet that’s really caught our attention, and the short video clip taken at the event (below) shows the two 5.5” 1024×480 screens in detail. Opening the tablet brings the two screens together and shows a minimal bezel in-between them. If portability is a high priority for you, the S2 will fold out of your pocket and still produce a very usable large screened tablet.