Splashtop, a software company based in San Jose, CA, have announced their new product today XDisplay which enables Windows 7 users to extend their desktop to their iPad.


The solution which consists of a Windows 7 ‘Streamer’ component and a full iPad App allows you to extend your desktop to your iPad, and unlike similar products like Air Display, XDisplay also supports independent audio support and Windows 7 Aero support too.

Full features are:

  • Full audio and video support (sound can be independently turned on/off from either the PC or iPad)
  • Support for Windows 7 default Aero desktop theme featuring translucent windows
  • Intuitive touch gestures with pinch-to-zoom capability
  • Virtual on-screen keyboard as optional text input method
  • Auto orientation when iPad is turned (works in both landscape and portrait modes)
  • Password protection for privacy
  • Ability to choose the position of your extended display relative to the PC

The App is available from iTunes for $9.99 and for users who want touch capabilities within their Windows environment is well worth the money.

Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop said:

Batman wouldn’t be the same without his loyal sidekick Robin. Likewise, your main computer won’t be the same without an iPad as a companion made possible by Splashtop XDisplay.