The Telegraph has a story today reporting on a study that says four out five parents think their children could get addicted to Facebook, and a third think the internet is a danger. Internet charity the Nominet Trust, who commissioned the research, say there is no evidence that social networks are harmful in themselves, and that there is no neurological evidence of the web changing brains.

The time spent on video games has been replaced by concerns of the amount of time spent online for many parents. Some choose to limit the amount of time their children get in front of the computer, but with the majority of homework being done electronically and often submitted via email, this is hard to enforce. Additionally the prevalence of Facebook on mobile phones makes restricting its use nigh on impossible.

Annika Small, Director of the Nominet Trust, said

“The Nominet Trust believes in the internet as a force for social good. Exaggerated fears about internet use can potentially deny its benefits to those most in need. I want to see a proper debate amongst policy makers, based on accurate research, about the effects of using interactive technologies on young people’s brains, behaviours and attitudes, without resorting to scaremongering that parents are being subjected to on regular basis.”