kindle cloud reader web service

Amazon has introduced a Kindle Cloud Reader Service allowing you to sign in via your Web Browser and stay up to date with your current ebook purchases and continue reading your current favourite. At the moment only Safari and Chrome browsers are supported, but it looks like support for Firefox and IE will be coming soon.

The key feature of course is that it’s available for mobile Safari i.e. iPhone and iPad browsers and gives you an environment in which Amazon are allowed to integrate the ability to purchase new ebooks after having to withdraw it from their full iOS Kindle App at the end of last month.

The service also allows offline browsing with the Web App making 50MB of your device available to store your ebooks on so you can continue reading without an internet connection. Once you accept the database size increase message, all your current books are available to download and within seconds I was at my current read location in my book. Reading is very similar to on the full Kindle App though the page turns have no animation at present, its simply an immediate refresh, but you touch the right and left sides of the page to move back and forward as normal.

kindle cloud reader web service ipad app