The AndyPad is a low-cost WiFi only Android 2.3 tablet, with a 7″ screen,  1.2Ghz processor, 3D GPU and 1080p HDMI out video support. Developed in Norwich by MD, Andrew Kerry a successful businessman with the Mattressman company, the AndyPad will be released in 9 days time on the 31st August.

There will be two models – the standard AndyPad will cost £129 and the AndyPad Pro is now £179. The key differences are that the Standard has the resistive WVGA screen, while the Pro has the WSVGA capacitive screen running at 1024 x 600, front and rear cameras (Standard has front only) and double the storage at 16GB.

Friday afternoon they released a video demonstration of the Pro model – check it out below for more details: