Wow, it must be the day of trampling over rumours today, earlier the Mango 1st September rumour was debunked, and now Jim Dalrymple from is flat out saying that Apple will not be holding a Medai Event on September 7th where an earlier story from Kodawarisan suggested the next iPhone5 would be announced.

According to my sources, Apple will not have an event or launch the next iPhone on September 7. It’s hard to say how that specific date was chosen by the sites that started the rumor, other than it fits into the timeline of previous Apple events.

Its hard to say what this means, Jim Dalrymple has a good track record with information regarding Apple, but equally its pretty much known that the new iPhone5 is doing the round of final testing with carriers, and it has to launch at some point – in time for Christmas makes logical sense. Perhaps 7th September isn’t accurate but I doubt it will be totally wide of the mark, and I’d back an announcement sometime in September, early October at the latest.