Orbitsound today announced it’s T12v3 soundbar which gives surround sound quality audio from a single slim speaker. The patented ‘spatial stereo’ technology incorporated in the device is capable of reproducing true, stereo surround sound from one single unit doing away with the complicated and messy 5.1/7.1 surround sound systems normally in use. Additionally the T12v3 effectively reproduces surround sound wherever you are standing or sitting in the room making it better suited to a family of friends environment where traditional surround sound systems only benefit one of two people in the central ‘zone’ that the system has been set up for.

The T12v3 is an upgrade to the popular T12v2 but with a smoother, tighter bass response and a main speaker drive which includes higher quality components to produce a more balanced, cleaner sound. With similar styling to its predecessor, the elegant, high-gloss unit looks at home in front of a flatscreen TV. There is also an integrated iPod / iPhone dock allowing audio and video content to be heard with improved sound definition, and the full function remote gives you control over playback options and menu function.

The T12v3 soundbar costs £299 and will be available to buy from September.orbitsound t12vs soundbar virtual surround sound 2