The Tube Map App by mxData has today passed the 5 million downloads mark since launch in 2009.

tube map app by mxdata upgraded to include oyster integrationThe Free App allows fast route planning from station to station, even when on the underground thanks to its built in database, and also provides live service updates to monitor delays and service interruptions – which is frankly vital on the London Underground.

Two new features recently added are the ability to receive Twitter updates from the @TfLOfficial account and other select accounts, and Oyster Integration. This is particularly useful, as it gives you direct access to your Oyster Card balance to ensure you don’t run out of credit, and the full Oyster map also shows you all types of transport that accept the Oyster card.

David James, CEO, mxData said:

The meteoric success of our Tube Map app has been astonishing and we are thrilled that it is of use to so many people trying to navigate their way around London. We are continually upgrading and adding new features recommended by our customers. We value all feedback we receive and have acted on this for the latest upgrade. Further revolutionary updates are coming later in the year.