One of the new features in the Windows Phone mango update is the Voice Control feature. An early Beta build demonstration from shows off some of these features, which look really nice.

windows phone 7 mango update voice recognition and controlHere in the UK the laws against holding your phone while driving have been in place for a few years now, and most people have now conveted over to either a wired or Bluetooth headset, or have a car with integrated Bluetooth facilities. This is great for phone calls, but Mango is now pushing the envelope with voice recognition and bringing search options, starting up Apps and text’ing native to the WP7 OS.

The text’ing option is particularly impressive, and something many people wish they could accomplish safely and legally while driving. An incoming text can be read aloud, and replied to, or you can generate a new text yourself, with WP7 Mango voice recognition sampling your voice and, with impressive accuracy, converting this to text in the messaging application. Apparently this feature will work equally well with the combined messaging service too, which integrates IM and Facebook chat into a single interface.

Check out the examples in the video below, I really can’t wait for the Mango update to be (officially) available on my HD7 device!