An Amazon press event in New York was scheduled to announce Amazon’s newest technical offering on 28th September 2011, but it was Bloomberg who revealed the primary details first. The Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest soldier to join the army of tablet PCs fighting against the might of the Apple iPad. However, this soldier might just have a chance.

The Fire is packing a few major advantages, the greatest being its price. It will cost just $199 (approx. £127) which completely undercuts the other competitors in this market who compare as follows; Motorola Xoom – £328 (best price), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – £399 (best price), Apple iPad – £399 (starting from).

Another advantage is that the Fire, like the Kindle e-reader, is supported by the Amazon store where Fire apps and a whole range of media, such as music, films and e-books, can be accessed and downloaded. The tablet is said to run on Google Inc’s Android software and it has a seven inch screen, but lacks extra features such as a camera and microphone. Despite this, the range of services that Amazon can offer in conjunction with the Kindle Fire place it as a firm contender to Apple’s iPad in terms of media content.

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Image Sourced from Bloomberg.