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Create Presence through Social Marketing

To say that social media has taken over the world is a grave understatement. For many of us, it’s the main source of information, news, entertainment, and almost every facet that governs our life and connects us to the world. It’s really no surprise that many industries are taking advantage of social media’s ever-growing power. Not doing so is simply a great waste of golden opportunity. Case in point: marketing.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Although there’s no clear-cut definition for social media marketing, it generally refers to the use of online platforms to boost user engagement and brand awareness. You may have noticed the use of the term ‘online platforms’ instead of the more narrow term ‘social media networks’. This is because almost any digital channel nowadays can be used as a marketing tool through cross-posting and cross-sharing. 

Marketing has reached too much higher level to target the specified audiences so that the products of the organization can reach the customers in much more effective way. Social Presence Marketing involves:

Social Networking- Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks that will take a leap and the businesses will get diverted from conventional to a social presence. It allows to communicate more effectively with the people and to gain knowledge regarding the specific products or services. When you increase the list of followers in these sites you get the opportunity to expand your business.

In recent years, a new generation of social apps has snatched the world’s attention. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and even YouTube have become prime sources of engaging and profitable content. The cultural phenomenon caused by these apps further highlights the need for social media to achieve business goals.

However, just because these platforms are all the rage today doesn’t mean you should jump into the fray and expect guaranteed success. Different social platforms cater to different demographics. Therefore, a good social media strategy means creating tailor-fit content. Remember, content and context always go hand-in-hand.

Search Engine Optimization. It is an age-old technique through which you can create your brand’s online presence. SEO has been a staple in digital marketing since the mid-1990s. Optimizing written and visual content is a time-tested method of redirecting attention toward your brand. The more ‘visible’ your content is to search engines, the more potential consumers you can reach. Sensitive marketers opt for long tail keywords in order to achieve low traffic without any problem. It is the one of the effective marketing strategy for online business.

Mobile Device enables Internet Access- In this year the use of mobile devices has increased along with the use of internet in the handheld devices. Most of the businesses are taking advantage of these applications and uses them as the tool for marketing. They feature their applications as the most beneficial apps that will help to reduce the complexities of the situation. Most of the people now access the internet in their mobile devices than in their PC’s. As it can be carried anywhere, anytime.

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Blogging Tool- Blogging is also a great tool for Social Presence Marketing. People are more concentrating on the recent updates. So it is important to deliver fresh information to create the presence and establish the brand. Businesses that concentrate on their blogs and deliver regular updates create an impression in the mind of the viewers.

One thing to consider is the constant influx of technological advancements, which could make the concept of blogging a little outdated. Traditionally, a blog refers to any self-produced content – often personal or informal – that is published online. Now, the rise of video marketing has made way for the popularity of vlogs or video logs. The best thing about vlogs is that they are great drivers of traffic and put your brand in the spotlight.

You should always plan a strategy so that the presence can be created in the organized and effective way. It is important to understand the business and the target customers so that the implementation can produce positive results. According to a report it has been estimated that 2.1 billion of the worldwide population uses internet and 1 billion visits YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in a single day. Canada has nearly 28 million online users, as per the research. Every single second there is one thousand tweets which show that the Social Presence Marketing is the most useful tool for the present market. In order to retain the market and to compete with the exciting businesses it is important to remain updated about the tools being used so as to implement in your business to create a global presence.

About the author: Satarupa Majumder is a content writer, who is sharing latest information regarding Social Presence Marketing


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