This is a story from the Daily Mail, so take it as such, but Leah Gibbs, 23, went to the home of Adam Minton, 21, in South Wales for a first date after meeting on Facebook. He asked her to give him a lift to a friends, she drove him to a shopping area, where he left her for five minutes. When he returned in a panic he ordered her to: "Go, go, go!"

She drove back to his house, but as his personality had changed and he had become rude towards her, she decided the date was over. 

Just as he was trying to coax her into the house, the police arrived and they were both arrested. 

Miss Gibbs was astonished to find police accusing him of robbing a betting shop at knife point, and her of being his accomplice.

She was forced to spend a night in a cell before police accepted her story and she was freed. Minton has now been jailed for four and a half years.

So learn your lesson people, do your due diligence on people you meet on Facebook as you could end up an unwitting accomplice to a crime on your first date!