Google+ previously in invite only beta has now opened up and is available for anyone to sign up to.

google plus invites now open to everyoneGoogle+ is the new social networking product from Google bringing you yet another set of friends to acquire and keep in check. The service offers a novel “Circles” interface which allows you to group your friends into easily definable sets, and then communicate/share with any number of them at will. You can add anyone to your Circle, no authorisation is required, but you can also easily block someone from seeing anything you say/participate in if you wish.

Games were recently introduced into Google+ giving some interesting titles like Angry Birds, City Of Wonder, Diamond Dash and others. Unlike Facebook though, Games participation between friends is kept in the Games ‘stream’ and doesn’t end up spamming your friends with requests to help take out the big boss in a mafia hit.

A feature unique to Google+ is the ability to filter posts to people geographically near you, based on cell tower / GPS positioning. Its a useful way to see who’s on Google+ in the area you’re in a a good way to make new friends.