HowTo: Get Your Mango Update Immediately

OK, so the Mango Update is available now, but its being rolled out in batches, slowly, to customers. Depending on whereabouts you sit in the magic queue it could be 2 or 3 weeks before its available for you.

According to the Windows Phone Blog:

If a problem comes to light, it’s critical that we can isolate and fix it quickly. So we’re deliberately starting out slow. This week, we’ll be making the update available to 10 percent of customers. If everything looks good, we’ll open up the spigot a bit more—to around 25 percent. We’ll hold there for one or two weeks, then quickly ramp up to 100 percent—monitoring quality the entire way. That’s how we ensure Mango arrives both quickly and in tip-top shape.

But there’s a way to force the update process and get your mango update NOW! Check out the instructions after the break.

First, make sure you have the most up to date Zune Software for PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.

Depending on what version of Windows Phone you are already running, there may be multiple updates. I was already running software version 7392 (the NoDo update) but if you’re not you may need to update to this first.

The update sequence is: 7392 (NoDo), 7403 (pre Mango), and finally 7720 (Mango)

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software
  2. Click on Settings/Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If so, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.
  3. Click the check for update button again, and this time immediately disconnect your computer from the internet. Do this by pulling the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc.
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so and you should receive a notification that an update is available. This is 7392, the Mango pre-update.
  5. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.
  6. After 7392 is fully installed, you may receive a notification that another update is available. If so, install Mango now. If not, proceed to the next step.
  7. If the second update isn’t popping up on its own, repeat steps 3-5, causing the 7403 update to appear.
  8. Install 7403 software.
  9. One more time! Check for the last update, Mango. If you see it, go for it. If not, head to the next step.
  10. If the Mango update isn’t popping up on its own, repeat steps 3-5, causing the 7720 update to appear.
  11. Using the Zune software, install the Mango update!

Source: WPCentral

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