The Windows Phone Blog have released a video showing the new HTC Titan (not Tytn!) in action, along with the Tango Video Chat App. Aaron Woodman from the Windows Phone team gives us a quick look at the Titan and a demonstration of the Tango video calling App which from the brief look seems as fast and smooth as FaceTime. Aaron was outdoors in a coffee shop, but no indication was given whether he was on a WiFi or 3G connection, although one commenter suggested he had tried an early version and 3G connectivity was supported.

Given the rumours that Apple is likely to allow FaceTime over 3G in the upcoming iOS5 update it would crazy if Tango didn’t allow it. Also I hope the sound was set to the earpiece or the volume was set very low as it was almost impossible to make out what Brian Seitz at the other end of the call was saying.