Nokia UK General Manager Says First Windows Phone Handset Is “Stunning”

Conor Pierce, general manager for the UK and Ireland at Nokia, has said that their first Windows Phone handset is “absolutely stunning” in an interview with Pocket-lint.

“To the partners we have shown the device to, their words, not necessarily mine – although I agree – upon showing it to them. It’s spontaneous and unprompted. They say ‘the first Nokia Windows Phone is absolutely stunning’ and that’s die hard gurus in this business, who have thick skin. For them to say that spontaneously without any sales pitch shows what we are bringing is pretty spectacular. And that’s only the beginning.”

In an ‘accidentally’ leaked video Stephen Elop showed off what looked to be an N9 style device running Windows Phone, and while it was certainly attractive in a minimalist way, I wouldn’t call it ‘stunning’ so it looks like the Nokia might have something a little more special in line for their first WP7 handset. A second video over a month later, unsubstantiated, showed some handsets that certainly looked to be more impressive, which could be what Pierce was referring to.

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