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Schools Should Invest More in Educational Apps, Say Parents

Parents are calling on schools to invest more in educational apps, as it’s predicted they will soon become the most important way in which primary-aged children learn in the classroom.

The majority of parents who own a smartphone or tablet (59 per cent) say they would like their child’s school to invest more in educational apps to help with their child’s education, while almost half (48 per cent) predict that mobile software will replace text books within the next five years.

The research from Encyclopædia Britannica also reveals that many parents predict that educational apps will rapidly usurp other traditional learning methods in the classroom, such as study guides, CDs and other educational software, as they are more engaging, do more to encourage independent learning and are more interactive for children.

But despite this, many parents feel that schools should be doing more to embrace mobile learning. More than half (55 per cent) say schools should use educational apps to help their pupils with school and homework, with nearly a fifth (18 per cent) saying they agreed strongly that schools should encourage their pupils to use the technology.

Ian Grant, Managing Director of Britannica said:

With so many parents and children already using educational apps, it’s vital that schools embrace this new technology and really explore its potential.

Britannica has developed a series of nine curriculum-based apps for children aged 8 – 12 based on popular primary school subjects. The apps can be downloaded on a range of platforms and are suitable for PCs, netbooks, iPads, iPhones and Touchpads via the iTunes App Store, the Intel AppUp Center, HP App Catalogue and the Know How App Centre.

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