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TicketMaster Adds Facebook – Lets You Sit Next To Your Friends

Ticketmaster has added Facebook sharing into its ticket purchasing process, but they’ve done more than allow you share what tickets you’ve just bought on your profile, once signed in you can see if any of your friends are attending the same concert and where they’re sitting!

Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard said:

Live events are inherently social and leveraging social media to enhance them allows the passion to exist in the digital space before, during and after live events.

When purchasing your tickets, you are encouraged to sign in via Facebook Connect. Publishing to your friends that you’re attending an event increases social engagement for the concert (each alert generates an additional $5.30 (£2.40) in additional ticket revenue according to Nathan Hubbard Ticketmaster CEO) but once connected you can also see where your friends are sitting (assuming they have connected to Facebook) on an interactive map of the stadium! Want to sit next to (or far away from!) one of your mates? No problem, you can pick an available seat that best matches where your friends are.

The overall view shows you where a Facebook friend of yours is sitting, clicking on that seating area will take you to an expanded ‘per seat’ view where you can see exactly which friends are in that section, where they are sitting, and what seating options are available near them.

This will make it far easier to organise a group of friends attending a concert, and to encourage to you attend one your friends are going to.

In reality though, despite stating that over 40% of live event tickets are never sold, popular concerts seem to sell out very quickly, and the chances of having seats left days later for you to pick from are slim.

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