Twitter has announced it has 100 Million active users around the world, of which around half, 50 Million, use the service on a daily basis.

60% are active ‘tweeters’ while around 40% simply use the service to keep up to date with news and information from friends or public figures.

The post goes on to demonstrate the vast array of people, celebrities and leaders who are now using Twitter. Thirty-five global heads of state use Twitter as a primary way to communicate with their constituencies, the @MayorOfLondon  and several MPs, entertainers and even the British Monarchy @BritishMonarchy is now online.

Its certainly a remarkable growth from 2006 when the first tweet was sent to a handful of followers, increasing the scope of the service Twitter recently added a gallery of images to each users profile, and with the announcement of Twitter integration into Apple’s iOS5 it looks like Twitter will only get more active and engaged users as the army of iPhone users start to post photos messages and locations with even greater ease.