The speculated date for Mango delivery has been and gone, and the Windows Phone Blog has posted updated release information to calm the masses.

The Mango 7.5 update has made ‘solid progress’ and they state that the update will begin rolling out ‘in the next week or two’ which presumably means the rollout will be staggered by carrier and specific devices.

They also make clear that the update is customised for each carrier and device, so remove (and do not use!) and home baked ROMs that are floating around for various devices, and instead wait for the official one which will see hardware and performance customisations to give the best Mango experience for your device.

You’ll need an update version of Zune for the PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector for the Mac so get yourself ready by updating those now.

I’m personally really looking forward to the update, things like voice control, games hub and personal hotspot features will really