WhatsApp Messenger is an extremely popular cross platform messaging service, but so far it hasn’t made it onto Windows Phone handsets. This is possibly due to early restrictions made by the OS by Microsoft like restrictions to contacts and lack of multi-tasking, but the Mango update is scheduled to bring all that to the table, so will WhatsApp finally be made available to Windows Phone OS once the Mango update hits?

There are a couple of clues available that suggest it will be, firstly the official WhatsApp account tweeted this a couple of days ago:

whatsapp mango tweet

Secondly, in the media section of the WhatsApp website the following image was found showing the WhatsApp “cross-platform” message with the now included Windows Phone logo. When Mango OS update hits you can be the announcement of the WhatsApp client will be hot on its heels..

whatsapp teaser graphic windows phone highlighted

Via: WPCentral.com