Apple Announce iPhone 4S But NO iPhone5

There was massive online virtual attendance of the Apple announcement today, with major sites like Engadget being down as they were swamped with traffic ans people tuned in to receive updates on the announcement. I chose to go with Ryan Block at for his live blog, which paid off with uninterrupted news of the announcement.

Tim Cook announced updated iPhone Nano and Touch models, gave the iOS5 release date as October 12th and then moved on to the iPhone. As predicted the iPhone4S was announced and demonstrated, here is a breakdown of the new features:

  • A5 1GHz dual-core processor
  • Significant aerial improvements – it looks like the 4S has diversity on both the send and receive sides
  • 8 megapixel camera with 5 lens elements at f2.4, much quicker time to shoot and records 1080p video
  • Siri Personal Assistant (see below)
  • New Find My Friends App


One of the previously unannounced iOS5 features is Siri the voice controlled personal assistant. Available only on the 4S Siri allows you to ask questions or speak commands in plain English, and it figures out what you mean and presents you with the answer or responds to the command accordingly.

Check out the Siri demonstration video below:

The iPhone 4S will be available WorldWide on October 14th, and UK pricing confirmed by Apple as starting at the £499 mark. Carriers are already beginning to announce availability with O2 already confirming they will have the 4S from launch.


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