You’ve been hearing about this big, shiny new iPhone for over a year now, and now the big day is finally here: The iPhone 4S is available in stores today. Macheads everywhere are having nerdgasms from coast to coast, hundreds of whom lined up overnight at Apple stores to be the first iOwners.

Seriously, the hype is unreal! I mean, pre-orders for the 4S smashed previous records! The company processed more than a million orders for the phone in the first 24 hours of the pre-sale, for Pete’s sake.

Few tips to get  iPhone 4S!

1. Call ahead. Sure, you could show up to your Apple store after a prayer or two and hope for the best. But why waste your time when you could call ahead and see if they have any of the prized item still in stock. Don’t forget, the phone comes in two colors (black and white), so make sure you inquire about the color you actually want. I know, an iPhone 4S is an iPhone 4S. But this phone will be by your side for at least the next two years, so don’t make aesthetic sacrifices you don’t want to stare at every day.

2. Shop around. Apple is not the only place that you can get your hands on your new phone. Other retail spots include your cell phone carrier’s retail store, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Target, and Radio Shack. But just remember, the later it gets in the day, the more you may have to surf around. Don’t worry — the stores WILL re-stock. I promise.

3. Bring your old iPhone! Target, Radio Shack, and Apple all offer up cash for your iPhone trade-in. So if it’s not time for a phone upgrade but you’re dying to get your hands on the 4S, then you can at least make out all right in the deal.

4. Bring all your information. If you want to get a new iPhone today, don’t show up to the store without all your personal information. If you don’t yet have an Apple ID, you’ll need to create one. Also, the store will require valid proof of identification, your social security number, and your cell phone details, including your carrier account specifics like password.

God speed, my iPhone-seeking friends. Let the power of Steve Jobs be with you!