apple logoApple’s launch of the iOS5 includes a new feature called iMessage, which allows iOS 5 users to send free unlimited texts via Wi-Fi or 3G from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to other iOS 5 users.

This new Apple messaging service comes while rival Blackberry, whose BBM service functions in the same way between Blackberry users, has just emerged from a major email and messaging outrage. Blackberry users across the world were unable to use email or messaging for three days when a core switch at a European network operation centre failed.

rim logoNow that the problem has been resolved, Blackberry users will begin to receive all their backed up data. However, how much lasting damage has this malfunction done to the company? The stiff competition which is headed by Apple’s new iMessage service may tempt Blackberry users to switch, and with Blackberry losing market share while rival Apple continually gains, it could mean trouble for the Blackberry bosses.