The Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 were unveiled at Nokia World yesterday, and one of the features of the Nokia customisation was the satellite navigation App – Nokia Drive. There weren’t too many details discussed from the launch but Microsoft has released a video giving a quick demo on Nokia Drive that gives us some more details.

(The video doesn’t always display, seems to be a Silverlight issue. Try clicking the whitespace if you can’t see it.)

Things to note:

– Nokia Drive does support offline maps. Originally rumoured to be an online only service  we can see that Nokia Drive supports the downloading of map data for different countries in advance, and it is specifically mentioned that you can download map data in advance and then drive in a new country without incurring data or roaming charges.

– Points Of Interest (POI) at this stage it doesn’t look like Nokia Drive supports POI display on the mapping view, but you can search for a POI e.g. Big Ben and navigate to it.

– Nokia Drive uses large icon display for easier use in-car, and supports portrait or landscape orientation.

– Nokia Drive supports different map colours and units of measurement.

So, some useful information on Nokia Drive there, the key question at the moment is if it will be available only on Nokia devices or if it will be available across all WP7.5 handsets.