With the demand for ever smaller, lighter, faster gadgets and the now widespread use of the touch screen it is easy to forget the basics. Perhaps the most complex and expensive phone on the market at the moment is the Apple iPhone 4.

It boasts a sleek design, 5MP camera and HD video recording along with a plethora of apps from the App Store. All these amazing features are expressed in the price tag; £429 for 8GB sim-free.

In extreme contrast to the iPhone 4 the Alcatel OT 209 occupies the bottom of the mobile phone price range. However, for its £4.95 (plus £10 top up) it has a surprising number of good features, including FM radio, games, 5 hours of talk time and a fake incoming call function. The phone is small and compact and does what a phone is essentially for, making phone calls and sending text messages. Although any gadget lover would choose the iPhone hands down, and probably wouldn’t even be seen dead with the Alcatel, I’m glad that mobile phones that are just phones are still being produced.  This cheap as chips simpleton covers the basics nicely and would act as a great emergency phone should anything happen to your beloved smartphone.