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Review: Datatap – Database Software For The iPhone

I’ve been using the Venticento Studio “Datatap” app for a while now to manage a few things in my business and personal life. Datatap is a simple database creation software for the iPhone and allows you to create may times and database.

I’m currently using it for a rugby tour payment record and also I’m hold all my client domain/hosting renewals and payment dates. The app itself is very simple to use all you need to do is select the type of entry you want to add and hit save and you have created an input form. There are also quite a few pre-designed databases included with the app to get you started.

The app also has a lock so you can protect your data. As well as all this there is a free MAC/PC download for backing up and restoring your data, as well as giving you the ability to add records on your MAC/PC. And the list goes on you can even email the data to anyone you wish from within the app.

Out of all the apps I have every bought this is certainly the best investment and for a mere £1.99 it cant be bad. DataTap is available from the iTunes Store.

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