Apple’s new personal assistant App for the iPhone 4S makes life a lot easier for 4S users; Siri allows you to send texts, make phone calls and set reminders through voice commands. However, Siri’s default setting on the iPhone4S can be a problem in compromising security settings.

Certain functions of the phone, such as sending texts and emails, and accessing your events calendar, can be used even when the phone is locked by its security passcode. So while Siri seems to be your best friend, she could also be your worst enemy, spilling your secrets to literally anyone who asks. In order to gain Siri’s loyalty you need to turn off her access through Settings.

The fact that Siri’s compromising security access is the default setting on the iPhone 4S means that unless users do so, their passcode could effectively be invalid for certain applications without their knowledge. Once Siri is taken off default and made unavailable from the passcode locked screen, the passcode security is reinstated. However, this also renders Siri’s advantage of using the iPhone4S handsfree, for example while driving, useless if the screen is locked. With the choice being between security and ease of use though, I know which one I would choose. apple iphone4s