vodafone logoAll new and upgrading customers on Vodafone UK can now use as much data as they like, for whatever they like, for three months. Vodafone’s ‘Data Test Drive’ is designed to give customers the confidence to experiment with their new phone on the UK’s best network, get to grips with its features and explore all the apps that are available for it.

Data Test Drive is available for pay monthly customers who choose any of Vodafone’s current range of more than 20 smartphones. The first new device to launch on Data Test Drive is the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S, which was launched in the UK first by Vodafone yesterday (September 30). Data Test Drive will be available on all future smartphones and can also be enjoyed by enterprise customers on consumer price plans.

All a customer needs to do is pick the handset they want and the price plan they think suits their current needs. They are then free to play with their new smartphone, downloading and using apps, surfing the web, social networking, viewing maps, sending emails and even using it to connect other devices to the internet.

Vodafone will monitor their data usage and then let them know if the tariff they are on is right for the amount of data they use. Seems like a pretty useful and ‘risk free’ to work out the best price to us!